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Newland and Edinger Storm Channel Projects are awarded ASCE Orange County Flood Management Project of the Year.

Company: OC Public Works

Status: Awarded

Awarded: Flood Management Project of the Year

This system of projects reflects the spirit of Engineering in Orange County. They show how collaboration amongst various agencies to implement new approaches to engineering challenges can be utilized to for the betterment of citizens, commerce, and visitors.


Project Location
The project system is located within the cities of Huntington Beach and Westminster near the vicinity of the Newland Street Bridge overcrossing of Interstate 405.

Project Description:
The East Garden Grove-Wintersburg Channel, Edinger Channel, and Newland Channel all converge at the I-405 Freeway where the cities of Huntington Beach and Westminster share an intersection. The project consisted of three phases: a physical hydraulic model of the freeway-channels confluence, the Edinger Channel project (which included a tunneling project under the I-405 Freeway), and the Newland Channel project which included over a mile of drainage improvements down the center of Newland Street.

Approximately 6,200 linear feet of channel were constructed for the Newland Storm Channel Improvements and approximately 3,300 linear feet of channel were constructed to improve Edinger Storm Channel (300 linear feet of this construction was tunneling beneath Interstate 405. The prime contractor for each of these projects was KEC Engineering; construction contracts were for approximately $15.4 million and $7.8 million dollars respectively.

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